LD32: Extinguished

My final game for this year is a testament to what I’ve learnt over the past year, my workflow of a 3D game in Unreal Engine 4 as well as my new ability of rigging, skinning and animating characters, I also proved I could make a functioning 3D game in 48 hours, but boy it was hard. It’s hard to say whether or not it’s my best game, but it’s definitely my most impressive in time and scale, it’s just unfortunate I wasted too much time on the first day and thus hadn’t enough time to work on any audio, which I had ideas for.



In this game you play as an Astro-fireman, you work in a station on some planet somewhere, it’s all quite vague. Their has been a breach in bio research facility and your boss sends you off to sort out the fires, little did anyone know though, that space creatures were the cause of the breach. Your boss is unfortunately very stingy and would be furious if you let being eaten alive by some space monster get in the way of your job, so put out the fires, avoid the monsters, and try not to suffocate. Oh, and your only weapon is a fire extinguisher, it’ll slow em down, but that’s about it.

I had plans to add voice recordings of the bossman character, but I didn’t have time to record anything or really make any audio of any kind, which I feel really impacted the overall quality as the mood needs music to work. The 3D modelling took up quite a bit of time and I didn’t manage to test the game at all really and so the gameplay is a little loose, but once I have all my feedback, I will go about polishing the game.

Download it here <<<


The overall reception of Extinguished wasn’t great, but that’s understandable, the idea wasn’t amazing, the game play wasn’t fun and I was very overworked at the time being as it was the end of the academic year. That being said, there were positives, I scored my best graphics rating to date which is great! It makes sense as I spent the vast majority of time on it, there was just too much of it really… My next two best ranks were Mood and Overall, but being as they were in the 200’s and 500’s respectively, they’re pretty average ranks and nothing to be excited about.


I opted out of audio as I had made none, no point getting a ranking for something that doesn’t exist.

Note: This last game I guess could be classed as my “new piece” of work for my portfolio, but my portfolio was exploring and improving my ability to finish games and hone in on what parts of development I tend to spend too much time on and trying to balance that more, which I feel I’ve accomplished quite well. I’m also doing a Masters next year, so surely my current “level of employability” isn’t as important to me now as it would be in a years time (although I’d say I’m quite employable, but then again, I’m extremely biased).