GGJ 2015: Incursion

My first game of 2015 was a team effort, something I’ve not done for a games jam before, but it’s always nice to try something new. The team consisted of 2 friends and I, who were already working on a game together, Allan, lead design, Todd, lead art and me, lead tech, we had pretty much every avenue covered perfectly, I go into a lot more detail about  the weekend on my blog here, which is probably one of my best entries.



Incursion is a stealth game where you guide two special operatives, pink and green, through a series of levels, avoiding cameras and security guards, if operative is spotted, you fail the level. There are 3 levels, the first is the basement of the building, a warehouse, then an elevator takes you to the laboratories and finally to the offices, more features were planned but the last 12 hours of the games jam were spent trying to repair the game, as it broke ):

Allan, Level Design & Environment Modelling

  • Designed all 3 levels
  • Created a lot of modular level pieces and props
  • Ridiculous name generation

Todd, Character Creation & Texturing

  • Sculpted and Retopped 2 character meshes
  • Skinned Characters
  • Textured Characters

Connor (me!), Tech man & Animation

  • Made base game loop (win and lose conditions)
  • Made fancy AI path following which could be edited by designer.
  • Created idle, run/walk and death animations for characters.


Global Games Jam runs no voting rounds, which is unfortunate, but overall, I feel our game turned out really well despite the issues we had on the final day. Due to the simple controls (mouse clicks control different operatives) the game has potential to be a mobile game and with a few more levels and mechanics it could be at a very good standard.

I can’t seem to find where it’s uploaded… Here is a video though.