GGJ 2016: DDDX

Demon Doll Duel Xtreme!

This years Global Games Jam was a bloody good one! We were a team of 5 this time around and we made a pretty fun game, towards the end we spent more time playing it then working on it. Demon Doll Duellist Xtreme is a game about Tributes, as that was the theme…


It’s a two player game where you take it in turns to choose ingredients for your Demon Doll Duellist, they are then summoned and the fighting begins. Each ingredient you chose has a passive and actionable ability that can be activated each turn, the dolls fight automatically and when you activate an ability they will use that on their next turn. The abilities can add health, increase defence or do a big chunk of damage, each item has an element too. The elements are Shadow, Rainbow and Blood, if you build up an elemental shield, it will block that element damaging your doll.


I had a lot of fun making this game, you can read about my experience of game jam here on my blog and you can download the game here, you’ll need a friend (or enemy) to play against, the first time you play may be a little confusing, but that’s all part of the experience! Watch the trailer below (: