LD33: ESaD


An entire year of Ludum Daring and I’m keen to not miss one. Another August time jam which is fantastic! I was on summer break and there’s no looming deadlines taunting my brain and I’m very much back in the world of 2D game making as my 3rd year of University momentarily killed all my love of 3D game creation. This time round the theme is You Are the Monster which was one of the themes I was anticipating, but I still struggled to make sense of my initial idea which is based on the idiom ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’ where you eat sheep and take on their wool as camouflage.

I believed I could try and add humour to this game, it seemed to have the potential to be funny so I started this by having a very cartoony, cute and vibrant art style but with contrasting gory and violent themes. I had big plans for blood playing as a key mechanic, as you ate you also got bloodier and left massive trails, having to wash it off in the ponds so as to not break your camo, but it was left until last and thus not done at all.

I may have benefited from skipping sleep this time around, but it was a fairly hot August and sleep is always a good idea if you want to produce your best work, so I slept on the Saturday night at around 2am and started the final stretch in the morning at about 10/11am. It was non stop work from now on but there were a few hiccups, my biggest mistake was making the level so unnecessarily vast that building it took up a good hour, something to try and avoid in the future. A friend of mine was watching the development progress and he wanted to contribute a little by making the music, admittedly this is against the rules but he only made the chord progression and the strumming pattern, I still had to spend and hour or so recording it and adding a bass, melody and drum track so it was still a joint effort.

The results at first seemed bad, or at least the rankings were contrasting against the list of positive comments the game had received, but after closer inspection, the results are close to my best yet, although nothing ranked in the top 50 they range from #71 to #166, a range of less than 100, which amazed me. Obviously the rankings very much rely on how everyone else does and how nice people are feeling when rating my game, it would be awesome to get a category in the top 25 every time, but I’m much more interested as improving as a person and comparing my games to my past efforts.


Graphics, Theme and Fun it is then, for this jams top 3, which I’m fine with but also a little annoyed with how close humour was from the top 100, something as of now, I haven’t achieved. This game has potential to be a fun arcade game, I’ve since uploaded this game to a few online game streaming services and had some pretty good feedback, a fully functioning version of this game could be something to consider for the future.