Danger Zone


With the release of Unreal Engine 4, I was very excited to get right into making something cool in the engine, this years group project has given me this possibility. I’ve opted for Lead Tech, my role is to make the core game loop for the game we came up with as a group and over the weeks tweak different mechanics while adding everything everyone else had made into the game. The game is called ‘Danger Zone’ and is a top down fast paced shooter with an 80’s-vision-of-the-future style, set in a Running Man-esque game show of death. The longer you survive in the Danger Zone, the more you win in cash, which is used as a currency after each level to upgrade your character and swap out cosmetic masks that hide your identity. Every 5th level features a boss fight, of which there are currently 3¬†and each one will gain access to a ‘Mystery Box’ within the shop, which could be something great, like a triple Damage Upgrade, or something terrible, or maybe nothing at all.


Making this game was an amazing learning experience and something I’m very proud of, I put a lot of extra time into the project outside of university to make sure the game was as polished as it could be. This was my first time using Epics Unreal Engine 4 and it was interesting, I’d used Unreal Engine 3 (UDK) a bit the year before, but this engine was new and has a lot of issues which were quite difficult to overcome as I was not being taught how to use it in any lessons, I persevered regardless and with the help of my team we managed to make a game, which I’d say looks great and plays great, but don’t take my word, see for yourself! I’ve made a game trailer below and the game is¬†available for download here, it requires a fairly good performance pc to run and hasn’t had much testing, but it’s still playable. Probably.


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