Motorbrawl is a multiplayer vehicle combat game with a focus on fast paced combat and modular weapon systems. The arena is a large open desert environment with a horde of deadly traps and hazards. This project is an exploration of how implementing good ‘Game Feel’ into a game can assure a very good and instant positive response from players. Using a range of features that give successful feedback to the player’s input through the use of good sound design, over the top particle effects, intuitive player control and responsive haptic feedback.

Each games win condition will change depending on the game mutators selected, these mutators can change how scoring works and what the win condition is. You can turn teams on and off, turn on champion, bounty and grail scoring and change the end time, score to win and survivor mode (last man standing).

I will be aiming to finish this project in early May, so far development has been going really well (ignoring minor corruption issues, which may have damaged my motivation more than anything) and I’m having a lot of fun when I get people testing it, seeing people enjoy it is really awesome! Check out my 3rd multiplayer test below where they are playing with the ‘Bandits’ mutator turned on, meaning scoring requires looting the bag your enemies drop.