The Elixir of Youth


The Elixir of Youth is an action RPG with dungeon crawling elements that I made in my 1st semester of my Masters, it’s the combination of my 2 modules, Advanced Character Prototyping and Advanced Environment Design. My overarching theme of these two modules is Victorian horror with a focus on┬áthe Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for my characters design, an alchemist who crafts potions for use in combat, one of which being the ‘Elixir of Youth’ that will transform the drinker into a being of evil and malice. This is all pretty much finished with as it has been handed in, but it is no way a complete game, rather more a prototype, which I may in the future come back too.

The game was developed within the Unreal Engine 4 and I’ve utilised the Mixamo 3D Animation service from Adobe to get a bunch of character models with a large range of differentiating animations, as well as a bit of dabbling in 3D Studio Max and Photoshop for a few custom assets (environment pieces, equipment models and UI elements) to bring a level of consistency through the project.

The character, as I mentioned, is based upon the fictional character Dr Jekyll and has an arrange of abilities that aids him in battle that revolve around the theme of potions:

  • Potion Brew – Providing the user has an ingredient in both hands, the user will mix the two together with an arcane incantation.
  • Potion Chug – Providing the user is holding a potion, they will drink it and gain its effects, whether positive or negative.
  • Potion Throw –┬áProviding the user is holding a potion, they will throw it in the direction they are facing, its contents will effect whomever it hits.
  • Firebreath – While under the Heartburn effect, this ability becomes available so that you can breathe liquid fire over your enemies.
  • Arcane Drain – Every kill you make will restore a small bit of Mana, this is only available in arcane form.
  • Sinister Drain – Every kill you make will restore a small bit of Health, this is only available in sinister form.

To change into your sinister form, the user must drink the Elixir of Youth, in this form your health, movement and damage is vastly improved while your magic ability is removed, the user also suffers a damage over time effect until their health reaches 50%, at which point they return to their original form.

The environment is a procedurally generated town that uses a simple maze generating algorithm to generate the base structure of the level with a few other functions that adds extra variation. This was the main focus of the environment module along with boss design, their is boss at the end of the level that ties the character and environment together with a story that revolves around the Elixir of Youth.

Check out the video below that showcases the project