My name is Connor and I make games.


A 2D soulslike project that has been somewhat abandoned over previous years, but it's something I'm still looking to do when I get more time or perhaps some more inspiration. 


As you can see, the art style is fairly decent, the lighting system is however rudimentary and does not cast shadows, which breaks the style a little bit. The animation time was also fairly large which I believe is the main reason why I stopped development.

planet heist

A turn based stealth game made for Ludum Dare 38 where you play as a Raccoon who must steal a tiny planet shaped gem from the bottom of a high security facility.


It turned out surprisingly well, certainly not my best creation, but certainly worth noting down as it was fairly experimental. One day I'd like to tidy up the graphics as they're the one thing I feel I did quite poorly.


Certainly one of the worst names I've come up with. Zest & Goop is a game that was created for Ludum Dare 39 and again, was a little experimental. It's a tower defence game where you must move around collecting resources from the corpses of the enemies, turn them into energy and put the energy in your 'towers' to defeat future waves of enemies.


The art style was a great success and has made me realise a very important trick for game jams. Use very small sprites and heavily limit your colour palette. It gives the game a very old school style, reminiscent of the GameBoy Colour generation and is generally fairly quick and easy to make. The game has my best graphics score to date in any Ludum Dares and it had to unfortunately be submitted to the Jam and not the Compo, so it was rated against some bloody good games.



For Ludum Dare 35 I had a vague idea for a game and ran with it. It surprisingly made a very cute looking game but sadly the gameplay itself was a little lackluster.


Basically you just protect the king from boars, the boars will drop pork and wine, pork makes you fatter, wine makes you skinnier.