My name is Connor and I make games.


This game was a group project that was created during my 3rd year of university, I lead the tech side of the project but dabbled in design and art.


It was a year long project and I'm fairly proud of the final product. I spent many hours outside of university polishing this game and trying to make it as good as possible, but enough about how and more about what.

Danger Zone is a rogue-like shooter with randomly generated levels and challenging bosses with interesting designs. It embraces the style of 80s tech-noir and takes place in an apocalyptic game show where you must fight to survive.

Check out the game trailer.



Motorbrawl is a multiplayer vehicle combat game with a focus on fast paced combat and modular weapon systems. The arena is a large open desert environment with a horde of deadly traps and hazards. This project is an exploration of how implementing good ‘Game Feel’ into a game can assure a very good and instant positive response from players. Using a range of features that give successful feedback to the player’s input through the use of good sound design, over the top particle effects, intuitive player control and responsive haptic feedback.

Each games win condition will change depending on the game mutators selected, these mutators can change how scoring works and what the win condition is. You can turn teams on and off, turn on champion, bounty and grail scoring and change the end time, score to win and survivor mode (last man standing).

I will be aiming to finish this project in early May, so far development has been going really well (ignoring minor corruption issues, which may have damaged my motivation more than anything) and I’m having a lot of fun when I get people testing it, seeing people enjoy it is really awesome! Check out my 3rd multiplayer test below where they are playing with the ‘Bandits’ mutator turned on, meaning scoring requires looting the bag your enemies drop.

Check out my game-play trailer.

Elixir of youth


The Elixir of Youth is an action RPG with dungeon crawling elements that I made in my 1st semester of my Masters, it's the combination of my 2 modules, Advanced Character Prototyping and Advanced Environment Design. My overarching theme of these two modules is Victorian horror with a focus on the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for my characters design, an alchemist who crafts potions for use in combat, one of which being the 'Elixir of Youth' that will transform the drinker into a being of evil and malice. This is all pretty much finished with as it has been handed in, but it is no way a complete game, rather more a prototype, which I may in the future come back too.

The game was developed within the Unreal Engine 4 and I've utilised the Mixamo 3D Animation service from Adobe to get a bunch of character models with a large range of differentiating animations, as well as a bit of dabbling in 3D Studio Max and Photoshop for a few custom assets (environment pieces, equipment models and UI elements) to bring a level of consistency through the project.

The character, as I mentioned, is based upon the fictional character Dr Jekyll and has an arrange of abilities that aids him in battle that revolve around the theme of potions:


To change into your sinister form, the user must drink the Elixir of Youth, in this form your health, movement and damage is vastly improved while your magic ability is removed, the user also suffers a damage over time effect until their health reaches 50%, at which point they return to their original form.

The environment is a procedurally generated town that uses a simple maze generating algorithm to generate the base structure of the level with a few other functions that adds extra variation. This was the main focus of the environment module along with boss design, their is boss at the end of the level that ties the character and environment together with a story that revolves around the Elixir of Youth.

Check out the video below that showcases the project.


This game was my Final Year Project where I attempted to make a hack & slash soulslike, this was a big task, but I got some pretty decent ground works down.


Over the years I've always wanted to create an RPG and have spent many hours thinking and designing my perfect set up, now I've finally got to put what has been in my head down on paper and do something with it. It's always been split into four schools of combat, two of them physical and two of them mystical, slightly different from the standard Warrior, Archer & Wizard setup seen in most games.


Brawler - Men-at-arms, Knights and Spearmen

  • Uses Swords, Axes, Warhammers & Spears
  • Wields shields and a range of plated armour
  • Close quarters, limited by reach of weapon

Ranger - Rogues, Hunters and Assassins

  • Uses Bows, Slings & Knives
  • Wears mostly leather but sometimes plate/chainmail
  • Long range attacks

Wizard - Mages, Enchanters and Summoners

  • Uses Fire, Ice & Earth magic
  • Wears robes and  sometimes leather
  • Medium range attacks that cause different effects on the enemy

Zealot - Priests, Clerics and Paladins

  • Uses Blood, Soul & Lightning curses
  • Wears robes and sometimes platemail
  • Short range curses do damage over time, most weapons double up effectively in close quarters.

All physical combat falls into 3 categories

  • Slashing - Swords, Axes, Knives
  • Piercing - Spears, Rapiers, Arrows
  • Crushing - Hammers, Staves, Maces, Rocks

Each could also have their own status effect, like slashing causes bleed, crushing breaks bones and piercing could rupture organs, but this is over complicating things a little.